LCC Qualities – A Glimpse!

The Local Childcare Coordinator (LCC) role is fascinating and rewarding. Our LCCs embrace cultural exchange, and, in turn, encourage their respective communities to follow their lead while having the opportunity to work from home.

Below, please find some qualities of our current LCC team. If you feel you meet these, you may be a wonderful addition!

  • Someone with strong ties to the community and would be able to promote the Au Pair program successfully to new families as well as act as the knowledgeable resource for our current host families and au pairs.
  • Someone who loves people and can build relationships easily and effectively
  • Someone who is creative and can plan unique and fun events for both au pairs and host families
  • Someone who has the time to dedicate towards managing their community as it relates to the au pair
  • Someone who is fun and enthusiastic and finds cultural exchange fascinating
  • Someone with a positive attitude
  • Someone who can think on their feet and is a problem solver
  • Someone with excellent verbal and written communication skills

Again, if this someone is possibly you, we would love to connect. Please visit to fill out our application, and a Recruiting and Training Director will be in contact to discuss the role in more depth. We would want to make sure the role is the right fit for, not only Cultural Care Au Pair, but you too!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011 10:15 AM


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